Why Choose MDP University

Accredited by BAN-PTBan-PT Accredited

All Study Programs within MDP have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT)


MDP University always uses the latest curriculum in the learning process and always updates it according to the challenges of the times

IT Based Campus

MDP applies Information Technology in the learning process

Smoke-Free Campus

MDP received an award from Aptisi for the category of smoke-free campus

Complete Facilities

MDP University provides complete and comfortable facilities to support learning activities

Campus of Champions

MDP students have been able to win various competitions both locally, nationally, and internationally through their work and innovations.

MDP Alumni Success Stories


Study here clearly provide a learning experience that is hard to forget, with the "Lecturer Center" learning method, meaning that we are taught to explore ourselves through what is taught, besides that here we are taught how to collaborate, network, and work together through assignments and projects during college. , of course also supported by modern and cool facilities. Previously it was a dream to become a technopreneur through this great campus and finally that dream has come true to this day because of the upbringing and enthusiasm of the great lecturers on this campus.

Joneten SaputraInformation System
CEO My Office Coworking Space, Chairman Palembang Digital

Before I studied at the MDP Campus, I was interested in IT, so when I was in college I majored in Informatics Engineering, the field that I was interested in and MDP was my first choice campus. Here I am very guided by lecturers who are very experts in their fields, they are very sincere in helping, providing opinions and input so that I can apply the knowledge I have to my current job. And even after graduating with the provisions that I have, I can be accepted to work in foreign companies.

Fajar AnggaraInformatics Engineering
Senior Technical Service Engineer di Hitachi eBworx Sdn Bhd Malaysia

While studying at STMIK MDP, I gained a lot of knowledge because MDP is a visionary campus by prioritizing student competencies to innovate in the era of digital technology. I am proud to be an alumni of MDP, one of the most accomplished campuses in the national arena by producing Innovative students who are competent in accordance with the current technological era.

Ongky PrastiantoInformation System
General Manager Marketing Palembang Indah Mall

I don't agree with the statement that being an entrepreneur doesn't require college, for me college is mandatory and important so that you become entrepreneurs understand how to plan, calculate, predict and manage finances properly so that you can calculate profit and loss, company cash and avoid abuse by employees. . Not only that, while studying at STIE MDP, I was taught by professional and competent lecturers who are experienced in their fields on how to properly organize, recruit and manage business and human resources. I am proud to be part of the MDP campus, a campus for young entrepreneurs.

Yopi RatnasariAccountancy
Pemilik Yhoophii Shop Lubuk Linggau & Yhoophii Shop Prabumulih

During my study at MDP, I learned many new things. He taught me many things, from how to communicate, marketing strategies, and managing finances. Even after graduating, the MDP Campus lecturers still provide direction, both in terms of solutions and experiences.

Yovina M. ValentinaAccountancy
Owner Usaha Mie Charger Palembang, Unsilent Palembang & Unsilent Lampung

During my study at the MDP Campus, I gained a lot of knowledge that was useful in my world of work. I can understand the flow of a system or a device. An Innovation Campus that develops student and student potential

Isai Bene PatrisManager PLN UIW S2JB UP3 Lahat ULP Pagaralam