Accounting (S1)

The Accounting Study Program provides students with an understanding of how to develop knowledge and skills in an effort to achieve efficiency, productivity and profit from company operations. With the increasing complexity of the current business environment and financial markets, the accounting profession has become very important in terms of presenting financial information that is accurate, transparent, easy to understand and can provide appropriate advice to managers and investors.

Supported by an up-to-date curriculum, the process of student self-development with increased managerial skills will make MDP students a strong attraction for companies. Forming a graduate profile as a tax specialist, and a Financial Statement Analyst specialist


Becoming an Accounting Study Program that is globally competitive, innovation-oriented and based on information technology by 2040.

  1. Organizing innovative and quality education and teaching so that students are ready to enter the world of work and business both on a national and international scale.
  2. Conducting research and publications on a programmed and regular basis in the fields of accounting and taxation and their contribution to the economic development of the community.
  3. Conducting community service activities by applying accounting and taxation knowledge as a form of contribution to community economic empowerment.
  4. Carrying out educational and professional development of lecturers and education staff at the study program level.
  5. Building cooperation in the field of higher education tri dharma at the study program level.
  6. Implementing good governance and integrated quality assurance at the study program level.
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