Student Guide

Students must fill out a study plan according to the schedule that has been announced. In order for the Study Plan Filling process to be successful, students must:

  • Read the instructions and how to fill out the study plan through announcements or SIMPONI.
  • Conduct guidance with the Academic Advisor (PA) before preparing KRS.
  • Registering courses in accordance with the instructions for filling out the filling schedule according to the student study program.
  • Taking into account the maximum number of credits a student can take, the class is open or not.
  • Pay the BPP payment before filling out the study plan, for the credit payment the schedule will be announced via the bulletin board or SIMPONI.

Daily payment transactions are now faster with the Flazz card. This is the first fastest multifunction prepaid card in Indonesia, with the latest technology (chip technology and RFID — Radio Frequency Identification).
You can refill your Flazz card easily at merchants marked with Flazz Refill. With one Flazz card, you can make daily transactions for various lines of business quickly and practically.

Main Advantages:

  • Payment transactions are completed in just seconds
  • No transaction fees
  • One card is enough for daily transactions in various lines of business
  • Practical cashless
  • Easy to refill (Top Up)
  • No minimum transaction value
  • Transferable

Accidents can happen anywhere and are sudden. Not only on the highway but also at home, at work, in crowds or in many other places. You never guess what will happen.
MDP University provides protection for students, lecturers, and staff from the risk of accidents through JS-ASPRI, because JP-ASPRI does not only protect at work or on campus, but for 24 hours wherever they are.


  1. Students are required to wear neat clothes (not wearing shorts, mini skirts) and shoes when entering the campus for any business.
  2. Students are required to carry a Flazz Student Identity Card (KTM) that is valid during the study period, and must show this card to all leaders/officers if requested. Because if the student is in the campus environment and cannot show an identification card, then the student can be asked to leave the campus.
  3. Students are prohibited from smoking in closed spaces of the campus area, campus parking lot, inside ATMs, and basement parking lots.

Student Norms

  1. Every student is expected to behave as an adult human being, both on and off campus, by showing respect to the leaders in charge and to fellow students for the good name of the alma mater.
  2. In every relationship with leaders, lecturers, administrative staff as well as campus visitors, behavior and manners must be considered.
  3. Students are not allowed to make noise along the corridors and around the lecture hall during lectures/exams.
  4. The room must be kept neat and clean, walls, tables, chairs and other tools to maintain their integrity and cleanliness.