Exam Guide

1. General
As a student, to be able to take the written exam, the student must follow the following conditions.

  1. Students can take the exam if an MDP University student who is officially registered in the academic year and is listed in the attendance list.
  2. Must be present 5 minutes before the exam and enter the designated exam room.
  3. Must see the seat number on the classroom door and sit according to the plan stated on the classroom door.
  4. Obey the rules and seating arrangements during the exam.
  5. Must bring a valid Student Study Card (KSM). If you fail the first time, students are allowed to enter the exam room by bringing a cover letter from the picket officer in the Academic Section. If it is negligent for the second time and so on, the participant is not allowed to take the exam and the score is considered 0 (zero), and is not allowed to take the follow-up exam.
  6. If the student is late, then no additional time is given. If the delay time is > 30 minutes, then it is declared that you are not entitled to take the exam for the subject concerned.
  7. Bring their own test equipment, because they are not allowed to borrow and lend stationery.
  8. The examination is closed book, unless otherwise specified.
  9. Must fill in the attendance list provided by the exam supervisor by showing a valid KSM.
  10. If you are not present at the time of the exam, you will be given a score of 0 (zero) and you are not entitled to ask for a follow-up exam.

2. Prohibition in exams
During the exam, students are not allowed to:

    1. Talk to fellow examinees.
    2. Leave the exam room without the permission of the supervisor.
    3. See the books or the answer sheets of other examinees.
    4. Using communication tools (mobile phone, Personal Data Assistant/PDA, tablet)
    5. Give answers to other examinees. Throwing/giving each other paper in any form.
    6. It is forbidden to cheat, and or bring cheats into the exam room.
    7. Behaving rudely, disrespectfully and/or against officers.
    8. Take out the question/answer sheet.
    9. Borrowing stationery from each other.
    10. Conducting examinations for and on behalf of other students.

The results of the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) and the Final Semester Examination (UAS) are distributed after the exam takes place.

Semester grade report (DNS) and transcript can be seen at Simponi

A graduation certificate stating that a student has graduated and the original diploma is in the process of being completed. Issued after the announcement of passing the reenactment exam.