Welcome Speech
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The development of information technology is an opportunity for computer science universities to play a role in the job market and the business world. Opportunities that arise are not only in the domestic market, but the global market. The thing that must be anticipated is to prepare graduates according to market demand.

As a university that specializes in the field of informatics and computers, MDP University has a vision of becoming a university that can form a modern technological society that emphasizes the ability to utilize information, global linkages, integrated infrastructure and creative and innovative Human Resources and participate actively in an effort to educate the nation's life.

To realize this vision, MDP University continues to strive to improve the quality of its graduates by equipping teaching and learning facilities in accordance with advances in the field of information and communication technology, training and fostering a conducive climate, so that MDP University graduates have both hard skills and soft skills.

Currently, MDP University organizes undergraduate education (S-1) programs for Informatics Engineering, Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Management and Accounting study programs as well as Diploma III (D-III) education programs for Information Systems study programs.

We are sure that your studies at MDP University will be successful. With good quality and experienced lecturers will make your learning experience enjoyable.

In addition to carrying out education, MDP University also encourages lecturers and students to conduct research and write scientific papers of international standard as well as carry out sustainable development of science and technology and do not forget to apply research that can improve people's living standards.

MDP University always strives to improve the quality of academic services to students through the use of Internet technology. Hopefully, the information service through this website can be useful for information accessors.

Dr. Johannes Petrus, S.Kom, M.T.I